Hello there

The items below are a detailed presentation of the summary information message sent by the moderators to all users of the site during the initial registration. This message content may change over time.


1- We are trying to create a fair and safe environment here! Although these are very relative concepts, we need to take various measures for this.

2- We would appreciate if you do not upload pictures that do not express yourself;) Pictures such as cars, furniture, flowers, insects and birds are not relevant to you. Sorry, not accepted. It's even better not to uplaod any. But unfortunately there is a restriction for those who do not upload any pictures... The restriction forbids users' seiing others' pictures in fulsize and enforces them (you ) to upload a picture of temselves (yourself). 

3- Please add your private pictures from the private pictures section. Our project has a very and neat interface on mobile or computer interface. You can quickly understand what should be where. Also, we agree that it is worth showing all over :) But please do not upload sexual organ pictures or similar adult images as public pictures, even if you are narcissistic and confident and very assertive! This may cause the project to be closed. We let you decide which paintings can be private and which paintings can be open to everyone. Please try to push our limits and put us in a difficult position to give us peace of mind in the approval process. You can add your own private picture in private pictures and continue your private chat. Please note that videos can only be posted publicly

4- Please create any type of professional interview or a visual or written profile or similar communication example that may evoke this. And please don't perceive this as a rude one that we show in relation to someone's freedom field or their choices to live. In order for the websites to maintain their existence in a virtual environment, they must fulfill certain legal processes.

5- There is no picture limit but don't abuse it. 10 20 30 40? Hang on to your head ... But what is the meaning of 30 photos that look very similar? Show the angles you're different ... This is sometimes enough to get more positive feedbacks if you want to upload 50 same pictures ... No, no, don't do it anyway :)

6- Don't forget to activate your membership via mail activation link (you need to activate your profile within 5 days. Please understand. This measure means that you prove that you are.) Or; Sign up with your social media account because it's already an approved account in the online environment. Mail activation is not required in this case.

7- You do not need to activate if you are logged in with your social media account! Moreover, your social media account, password, etc. you don't need to remember .. T additional click login is more practical ... E you know anyway;)

8- Write a profile and the pictures will not be displayed until the moderators have approved it. Write the phone number to your profile or publish private pictures publicly. We do not impose this ban and we appreciate your understanding. Have fun ;)

We are approaching the number of 6000 members. We've already passed 5750 members, and if you don't see anyone online, visit again later. Our project is very new and we do not have thousands of pounds advertising projects. This place is already free and all members are real. Even if they're not online, they can get your message. Don't forget to take a look at the filters. Oh, by the way; profile, message, or likes. You will receive notification when. Make sure they are free too. In many other projects these are paid features. If you say I'm still uncomfortable, you can turn off the settings. As you use many other unnecessary features, you can evaluate and write us your ideas. You'll say it's not bad at all because of the ridiculous features here. If you do not go :) When you look at what relevance you can ask one of the moderators :) I will give you a ridiculous answer :)

In the meantime, if you want to follow us on social media; We share things on a few different platforms. You can look at our Instagram Twitter and especially our Tumblr page .. A by the way our pinterest page is very nice;)