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Who can say no to a personal translator?

What if Google Translate is integrated into a dating site? It becomes AngelsTurkiye :)
What? Gay dating site? Is Google Translate integrated? How so? Is google gay? :) No, but if it did, it would be gender neutral or nonbinary :) Of course, Google doesn't care that it's a gay dating site. Who can say no to a personal translator provided by the Google Translate service? It is open to all projects that support its services and incorporate software engineering. However, its necessity is debatable..... In short, we can say that; Times are changing and sometimes people may seek happiness far away, they may not be able to communicate with someone next to them due to language-based reasons, or it is also possible to say that the definitions of seeking now have different parameters. For example, in this article titled Dating Sites of the Future, we wanted to touch on the other side of the coin! You can take a quick look if you wish. In addition, considering the fact that the new generation of LGBT individuals think a little differently from the 90s generation in terms of perception, you may find the interaction in multiple languages and a special translation service both interesting and encouraging.

Google translate is a powerful option that most of us use for translation purposes, but you have to copy and paste to translate each sentence one by one or to translate a single paragraph. But wouldn't it be more practical if he translated it while writing to someone at the same time? This feature, one of the latest trends in the software industry, is on the AngelsTurkiye platform! Use it however you want to use it! If you wish, tell someone you are already corresponding with to become a member here and stay in touch without having to deal with translation! (Currently, the chat feature with multilingual translation is limited by Google. However, we have not received any negative feedback from Google at this stage and it is working smoothly) Are there any other sites that integrate with Google Translate among gay dating sites and other dating sites? :) It's not that important, but if you just don't know English, it will work.