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About us

AngelsTurkiye is a premium mini gay chat and social network application that includes many privileged features. The augmented reality technology, street chat and interpreter feature in our project works by integrating Google services into the system. Here you can explore interesting ways of interacting in three-dimensional rooms and virtual worlds, and play games with your partner. (some features may be off)

AngelsTurkey is a new generation gay chat and dating service. You can enjoy meeting and chatting with people from all over the world with the interpreter service of our project, which currently serves in dozens of different languages. (This service can be opened and closed from time to time) Briefly, you will write in Turkish and the person you are chatting with will see what you write in their own language, no matter where in the world. Isn't that an interesting detail? AngelsTurkey gay dating community is growing and if you think it would be okay to meet new people who you can chat with, you can download it from the app stores and start interacting right away.

The most important feature of our project is its infrastructure that allows you to chat with a camera at a basic level. Users can experience video calling in a computer environment more smoothly. The video call feature works well in the mobile environment, on devices and scanners that meet the standards required by the software company. Most of the time, we expect it to run smoothly.

With the Google Firebase infrastructure, you will receive super fast notifications without ever losing chat and communication. AngelsTurkiye gay social networking app is a new gay social networking project where you can do much more than chat and you are unlimited in expressing yourself. There are more details on other pages such as profile tips. If you want to get to know us better, you can become a member and send your questions to our moderators and tell us how we can be better.

*On the AngelsTurkiye gay dating site, it is not allowed to post an inappropriate photo to the public, misleading, unrelated profiles, or any misuse of the profile. While this is one of the simple measures taken to protect the rights of all users equally, these profiles are deleted manually. Memberships that do not activate their membership with an e-mail account cannot log into the system and are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Since our application is very new, we clearly inform all our users on all matters, up to the total number of members. Thus, we don't want you to be disappointed with your expectations and what you encounter. Although building an online community in a virtual environment is a matter of time, no misleading profiles or images were allowed during this time. Most of our users are real people who interact with each other, and the number of being online at the same time is increasing and continues to increase. Since it does not activate its membership, we do not take the deleted members as a basis and never add the inflation figures to the numbers that reflect our total number of users. At this stage, the number of our members is moving towards 9 thousand. (The number may vary as periodic subscriptions are collectively inactive by the system)